February 24th, 2020

spring 2012

The General Gathering... (a snippet of a possibility)

Mr. Turnix Buttonquail began the proceedings. This was the 32nd
General Gathering of the Lari. There was no regularity to these
meetings given the swerving arch of epochal time. But Mrs. Ortyxelos,
a quail-plover if I ever saw one, had been in charge of the archives
and had thus verified the countings of the years. In a clash of brief
high chatter it had come to the attention of the assembled that there
was a quarrel between some of the skuas and some of the auks. "They
don't like the way we fly in the water", said Mr. Archibald Alka, the
representative for the auks. "It's not about your habit", said Mr.
Sterk, "it's something we can't seem to name." At this point Mr. Curly
Dikkop took to the stand and resolved matters handsomely, seeing a congruity
among all members present, both in form and habit, that erased any
false distances of difference between them. Mr. Dikkop had always been sober in his
presentations. And any reasonable lari had always esteemed sobriety. There
was certain to be fast peace among them as none of the lari preferred
to keep feathers ruffled for too long. Hence, the reason for these
occasional general gatherings. There was some discussion about new
methods of feeding and food gathering, unusual seasonal changes and
the encroachment of human populations along with the resultant
degradation of waterways and the pollution of the environments around
them. There was also some brief talk about the how this group would
fare at the upcoming wider gathering of the Charadrii and an eventual
Synod of All Birds.