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spring 2012



featuring the art of Bill Rogers

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Twelfth Night
spring 2012
water + light + füsslian vibe

It was a dark day. The world was closing.
There stood the exploding musical grandmaster.
Everything was bending in on itself.
Start up the band.

Hidden like a mummy in forgetfulness
Hidden like the afikomen.
Uncreated Light.
Awaits to break forth.

Entrancements of owls kindly beckoned
To provide a hidden channel
Over the luminous ripples
Down in phosphorus caverns.

Nothing is starkly written
In powder under fingernails
And screechings of bone on steel
The words are like oil on my head.

Guardians with lanterns
Turning to whisper
Stood witness to the entrance
Of fools into wisdom.

Bill Rogers 01/05/06