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spring 2012



featuring the art of Bill Rogers

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The Vanishing Reindeer-People
spring 2012

Deer have trees growing out of their heads
Brittle fortresses cannot perceive
Low-hung ceilings are not merry
Artificial lights do not rule the heavens

A diagonal tilt of heads throughout the facility
A sudden tile mosaic of elfin ears
They ceased to process banter
They listened to the Sun behind the sun
Drinking silence
Internalizing foolishness
Accessing illogic
Integrating wisdom
Foresting it out through all the local sectors
Who is this terrible Forest God?

Rising out of cow stalls and synthetic, cubelike environments,
They drew circles and rang bells
They danced and murmurred in strange codes
You could not explain it!
The day 400 identity and projection sites suddenly cleared

~Bill Rogers

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I forgot that you wrote poetry.
I like this.

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