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spring 2012



featuring the art of Bill Rogers

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February into March
spring 2012
terminalia: february 21st

From holly down and candle lit
Across the pregnant frosted land
In Juno's time the goats do cry
In time for 'I shall purify'
Their blood is worn and entrails given
In times before the world is shriven
Two young men run through the streets
To find, to follow and to beat
Where one day sits a paper heart
There is for now such bloody art
And then the spirits visit here
In this auspicious time of year
And when the bust of Terminus
Does rise and measure public space
At the gates! And at the gates
His callers at his altars wait
And offer gifts to hallow time and lines
Which unencircled reach
Beyond their neighbor bordered worlds
They, borderless, subsuming each,
Aspire to inspire a common peace


Then robins and the liverwort
Give place to cardinals and sport
And time for running horses comes
And shouts go out and calls of drums
To move from Juno and from Pan
And past unbordered ordered land
Now on to Mars in leapings praised
Whose martial cup is also raised
The time of sleep is long past gone
The year full-filled continues on
And on the ides her hallowed day
Men see her standing in the way
All after horses once more run
And winded hallways tame the sun


Then purify with trumpet blast
All long and stretched and winded brass
Which, in the coming year will sound
Both for our might and our renown

Bill Rogers
March 8th, 2010
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