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spring 2012



featuring the art of Bill Rogers

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The Quince
spring 2012
yellow flag

When every word seems foreign
And every thought remote
And every tongue is swollen
Like a warm and bloated skin
Such is this peculiar pome
Sitting untouched in her bowl
Alien and pungent
Though bordering on familiar
Akin to an apple
Though harder to cut and crack
Mockingbird to a pear
As she nestles in its stack
And though no close relation
Always abrupt to a mango
She does not yield her secrets
As simply as that drupe
Soapy and stubborn fruit
Her elusiveness intrigues
Baked to amber or jellied pink
Her aromas lift and tease
Though in her virgin state
She remains so squarely tart
A golden-yellow problem
For even the sharpest of knives

Bill Rogers 07/19/2010
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