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spring 2012



featuring the art of Bill Rogers

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spring 2012
boxing day blossoms

Where there used to be a line
Separating me from the other
I now enter as the welcomed guest
Welcomed by the me who is in the other
And by the other who is in the me
As we have mothered and brothered each other
Into and through this world of forms

Though some accident may bring force or harm
I have no enemies
And though intimidation might persist
It is no longer my concern
For I am planting my seed of hope
Behind shields and visors
Beyond the halls and vaults that command them
In the heart behind them that has been turned like a river
Where the troll of force has been toppled
And where a spark of light unleashed
Has illuminated the heart of my beloved
Transforming the baton of private thuggery
Into our talking stick

I have chosen the web that unites
And left the line that divides
I see now that what had terrified me
Had not been you, but my own reflection
The need to defend my little castles
The need to draw over and over again
The powerful outline of myself
The need to label, to arrange and to brand
All objects, names and projections
I now freely offer up
So that against the naysayers
We might continue to exist
Though skillful minds may conspire to bring us down
We will persist beyond the current horror

~Bill Rogers 12/25/10
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Thanks Chris. Glad you liked it.

Hi, Bill :)

I love the first paragraph very much. I've seen some of your other poems and wish you would publish them in a book.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, BILL. May the best of everything be yours in 2011!

Thanks Judy. I plan to do that this year if finances permit.

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