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spring 2012



featuring the art of Bill Rogers

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On keeping the possibility of a thing...
spring 2012

"If a forest is a place where we can conceive the presence of mystery and wildness, in our hearts and in our minds, then that's a forest that still has complexity. And so in a way you can say that whether or not Bigfoot actually walks in flesh or blood...if you can look at a forest and say, 'There might be hairy giants in there...', -- and it's not beyond the ken or the imagination of a sensible person to say that that's a possibility -- then that's a forest that is a complex forest. It has some big trees. It has some function that a truly wild place would have. But on the other hand, if the landscape becomes so tamed, so tamed outright, that we look into the woods and we say, 'Oh no. There could never be a giant there...', then we've lost something absolutely profound, whether [or not] Bigfoot ever walked or not. We will have lost not only Bigfoot. We will have lost our sense of the possibility of Bigfoot. which is at least as precious to us as I think the animal itself."

Robert Michael Pyle, Sasquatch Odyssey


“To become aware of the possibility of the search is to be onto something. Not to be onto something is to be in despair.”

Walker Percy, The Moviegoer