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spring 2012



featuring the art of Bill Rogers

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I Have Learned A New Technique For Getting Along In The World
spring 2012
I Have Learned A New Technique For Getting Along In This World

original drawing by: Bill Rogers

"In my mobile extension (a dude if there ever was one) I sit on a park bench and flash my lights and make hurdy-gurdy music like an ice cream man. I tell the mothers that I will take the person-précis or their little children for nothing...

"Then I make a sign for my mobile extension. It says: "Dr. Good-All Public Health Mobile." It is a lie. I am not Dr. Good-All Public Health Mobile. But I go to a downtown corner and ring a bell and hoot a hooter. I tell the people that, as a Public Health Service, I will take their person-précis for five dollars each. They do not know what a person-précis is, but I make it sound good. They come up with their five-dollar bills in their hands and I extract their person-précis, five hundred of them in one hot afternoon. I have learned a new technique for getting along in the world. Aloysius will be proud of me.

..."The things that are inside them! How tame a High Asia! How bland a Deep Africa! -- in the face of an animal-complex that roars and gibbers inside the silliest goof that ever handed over five fish to a machine that he never saw before. What an ordinary creature is the hippopotamus, what a tame thing is the latest thesis, before the clodhoppers that raven and laugh in the least of these people! Did you know that this simpleton, for instance, who voted for Growler and who belongs to the Royal Order of the Reindeer had all that stuff inside him? I found that there are more mysterious creatures inside of every person than there are persons in the world."

~Epikt (or Epiktistes, the Ktistec Machine)
from R.A. Lafferty's Arrive At Easterwine

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