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spring 2012



featuring the art of Bill Rogers

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spring 2012
It's late morning or early afternoon in the sunroom of the home of some woman, perhaps a friend of one of my magical cousins. This kind of morning could not be mistaken. I'm sitting on terrazzo or olive green carpet. You pick. My knees, though not yet schooled in reverence...or pain, are expert in wonder. Before us are two sets of durable plastic figurines each about six inches tall. There are three bluish-white replicas of Apollo Mission astronauts; one with a cool gizmo for grabbing moonrocks. And along with them we have every major player in a Disney movie that are common knowledge to most, each in a single color, the lot of them comprising the rainbow. I think they were gifts from Aunt Barney and Uncle Doc. Two songs play while we are here. American Pie by Don McLean and Sunshine by Jonathan Edwards. There is a hot boiled peanut stand on the way home. What times!

~Bill Rogers
January, 03, 2018