Bill (giveawayboy) wrote,

Blue Scarf Girl

Dumb smile hoodie
Sits on her cheap wooden coffin
A goddess on the back of a tiger
Made of bent hangers and old magazines?
Two pairs of pants
Two shirts and two jackets
Hers is the July of winks and old coffee
Silently she breaks all the spines
Like de-veining shrimp
She curls up Exodus
Like a sea of reeds
And cuts down hairy and clawed old kings
With her grimy fingertips and bit nails
She bends back poor Saint Jude
Jesus' poor, mostly unknown cousin
Always stripped of his green kirtle and happy little picture
She promptly transfigures herself
Into her rap star avatar
With her right cheek twisted up just so
And her garland of lipstick stained hotlids
A blue bandana rhyming dictionary
One-woman variety show
Camped out forever
At big breakfast bus stops
Biting off the heads of sweaty apostles
Spitting them under the highchairs
And planting them in the Linux section
Mumbling on about influential Austrian families
She has never met and never will meet
And like many local gods these days
Summoning herself in a mirror forever
Tags: poem
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