Bill (giveawayboy) wrote,

It has become increasingly clear to me...

...that Holy Mother Church is experiencing a most harsh trial. Clerical sex-abuse scandals, coverup and a broken episcopate aside, I'm referring mainly to the strange and confusing (though sadly, not quite unpredictable) pontificate I am now calling the Francis experiment. Certainly we are not at the lowest or darkest of times in Her history, but in our times, and especially with yet another perplexing 'synod'* upon us, we are getting lower and darker. I'm only putting this here for my own reflection as I'm sure this page gets only the occasional read. I don't have any ax to grind either. I just hope for the current stranglehold on the Church to one day be a thing of the past. It is clear to me (after years of trying to give Francis the benefit of the doubt) that most of the leadership of the Church has gone over to a very dark place. They lack supernatural faith and seem fixated on worldly concerns and the opinions and approval of men. For these reasons they lack moral leadership and bring forth little spiritual fruit. Thank God for a handful of holy laypeople, priests and bishops who are issuing statements and warnings, providing clarity and direction in a time so ridden w poison, confusion and doubt. I wonder if this phase will continue for months, years or decades. Indeed it could go on even longer. Our Lady of Good Success, pray for us.

*Amazon Synod
Tags: catholic
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